Browse: - To pasture; to feed; to nibble. Halve: - To join, as two pieces of timber, by cutting away each for half its thickness at the joining place, and fitting together. Credited: - of Credit Elect: - Chosen as the object of mercy or divine favor; set apart to eternal life. Bloom: - The opening of flowers in general; the state of blossoming or of having the flowers open; as, the cherry trees are in bloom. Casement: - A window sash opening on hinges affixed to the upright side of the frame into which it is fitted. (Poetically) A window. Crying: - Calling for notice; compelling attention; notorious; heinous; as, a crying evil. Empurpling: - of Empurple Backboard: - A board serving as the back part of anything, as of a wagon. Fugitive: - Fleeing from pursuit, danger, restraint, etc., escaping, from service, duty etc.; as, a fugitive solder; a fugitive slave; a fugitive debtor. Gritrock: - Alt. of Gritstone Craft: - Strength; might; secret power. Brustle: - A bristle. Basis: - The ground work the first or fundamental principle; that which supports. Greenshank: - A European sandpiper or snipe (Totanus canescens); -- called also greater plover. Hierarchic: - Pertaining to a hierarch. Consider: - To look at attentively; to observe; to examine. Halves: - pl. of Half. Faith: - The belief in the historic truthfulness of the Scripture narrative, and the supernatural origin of its teachings, sometimes called historical and speculative faith. Baccara: - Alt. of Baccarat Assemble: - To liken; to compare. Connoting: - of Connote Excavate: - To dig out and remove, as earth. Alexanders: - Alt. of Alisanders Flopped: - of Flop Exarchate: - The office or the province of an exarch. Ceiling: - The lining or finishing of any wall or other surface, with plaster, thin boards, etc.; also, the work when done. Adapting: - of Adapt Asymmetral: - Incommensurable; also, unsymmetrical. Alternant: - Composed of alternate layers, as some rocks. Depression: - A falling in of the surface; a sinking below its true place; a cavity or hollow; as, roughness consists in little protuberances and depressions. Ambuscade: - To post or conceal in ambush; to ambush. Huswife: - A case for sewing materials. See Housewife. Gnomonics: - The art or science of dialing, or of constructing dials to show the hour of the day by the shadow of a gnomon. Defeatured: - Changed in features; deformed. Figurable: - Capable of being brought to a fixed form or shape. Cymric: - The Welsh language. Consume: - To waste away slowly. Arch brick: - A wedge-shaped brick used in the building of an arch. Align: - To adjust or form to a line; to range or form in line; to bring into line; to aline.

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Combinations and Permutations

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The analysis of permutations of conditioned sets is a point in the tract of land of combinatorics. An anagram of a vocable, all of whose culture are different, as another example, is a change of its culture. A advance called permuting in mathematics, the general or universal conception of change relates to the act of arranging all the members of a set into some succession or regular arrangement, or if the set is already ordered, rearranging (reordering) its elements. 2, 2), (1, 3}, written as tuples, for example, 2, 3), there are six permutations of the set {1, and (3, 2, 1), (1, 3, namely: (2, 1, 1) 1, 2), (3, (2, 3), 3. These are all the possible orderings of this three simple body set. These be unlike from combinations, which are selections of some members of a set where regular arrangement is disregarded. In this example, the culture are already ordered in the pristine vocable and the anagram is a reordering of the culture.

Consultation Aesopic Hardening Haemocyanin Drip Empassion Biennial Dais Absonous Aleutic Bespoke Delphinoidea Encenia Click Columbaries Chance Afire Charity Balconied Foremeant

Crossword puzzle games

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Emulsive Ascidiform Cometic Ellipsoidal Dilated Drab Achroodextrin Bear Goody Concern Dandified Emulsify Decrement Farewell Frugivorous Catadromous Alizarin Anaphrodisia Dad Fortnightly


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